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January 30 - March 13, 2021

"Working From Life": Current Exhibition

It has been a true honor to put together the artwork for this beautiful exhibit. While all three of these artists have been continuing their studio practices with the Glassell School of Art, I have not thought of them as students, but rather seasoned artists having access to discussions and mentorship in an ideal environment. Each of these talented individuals are figurative artists interpreting life in a uniquely individual and immediately identifiable way. They all use their experience with models and from their own life’s experiences to convey very separate and compelling narratives. The manner in which these artists make their innovative color choices and use their skills for interpreting the figure in real life, brings us into their storylines in unique and extraordinary ways.

Robin Mouton is a master at both color and line; her works resemble drawn and painted tapestries. Her line-work is beautiful, varied and complex. The palette choices are driven purely by her observations in nature, in particular from her garden. Mary Broadie Morgan’s works capture amazing segments of time, freezing the moments that with which we all can identify. Mary’s rich palette and energetic brush strokes, so masterfully handled, allow us to imagine nature at its best, capturing those perfect days and the essence of our ever-changing physical world. Cynthia Wisener uses clay and glazes as her canvas and paints. She sculpts marvelous stories about the figure and then subtly glazes them in color. Her current inspiration is regarding the re-interpretation of famous masterpieces that we have known all of our lives. We see that Cynthia has re-invented Velazquez’s Infanta, joined Manet’s picnic, studied Vincent’s self-portraits, and among many other images, has even had time to go to Easter Island! 

The work of all three of these remarkable artists is so profound, it was very difficult to select only a few pieces. Each of them has several very distinct bodies of work; I specifically chose to isolate one grouping from each artist rather than to show an entire overview of their work. I am honored to not only know these three amazing women but to have their trust in putting together this exhibit. I am certain that we will be seeing much more from Robin, Mary and Cynthia!

Patrick Palmer


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