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Founded in 2020, Monterroso Gallery embarked on a meaningful journey within Houston's art landscape. Our commitment initially focused on showcasing the works of local artists and collaborating with respected curators from the art community. Today, we continue to deepen this dedication.

Our roots lie in our Latin American heritage, with a particular emphasis on nurturing and promoting Guatemalan artists while steadfastly supporting local talents, whether they are emerging or well-established. Upholding a standard of excellence has always guided us, not only in the art we exhibit but also in how we present it.

Our founder, a Guatemalan artist, possesses a deep understanding of the artist's path. Under her guidance, Monterroso Gallery has grown into a nurturing space for artists, hosting over 30 exhibitions. Through these exhibitions, we have nurtured genuine connections and provided invaluable opportunities for artists to thrive.

We invite you to visit Monterroso Gallery and join us in celebrating creativity, diversity, and community engagement.

Be sure to join our newsletter to receive exclusive invitations to our upcoming shows and events. We have an exciting  roster for 2024, and we look forward to sharing it with you. Thank you for being a part of our journey as we continue to wholeheartedly support and champion the art community.

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