A Group Exhibition curated by Benji Stiles,


May 14. - June 4,  2022


“Whole in Pieces” is a collection of primarily abstract with some conceptual work from both established and emerging Houston based artists.  The combination of both geometric and more expressive gestural work takes into consideration the formal qualities as well as the size and visual weight of each work; the goal being to create a visually stimulating and thoughtful experience for the viewer.

Benji Stiles


Carris Adams - Veronica Bello Ibarguengoitia - Alejandro Bismark - Paula Cordoba - Liz Gates

David Hardaker - JP Hartman - Peter Healey - Jonathan P. Jackson -  Matt Messenger - Lowbrow Pilgram - Benji Stiles - Tommy Taylor - Chet Urban -  Doug Welsh - Michael Wooten.