Curated by Rosa Ana Orlando.


Discovering Meaning

This exhibition explores the connections within the work of Gabriela Monterroso, Marlo Saucedo, and Marisol Valencia as they delve into their creative processes to identify the essence and message of their pieces.  In their own way, and through the use of different media and materials, these three artists invite viewers to slow down, look closer, and make discoveries as they approach their artwork.  Through her powerful paintings, Monterroso focuses on the concepts of acceptance and possibility; Saucedo turns to words and investigates their power as visual subjects; and Valencia reexamines the interaction between different materials through pieces that question our traditional assumptions.

Each artist’s individual search is noticeable throughout the exhibition, where the pieces create a metaphorical conversation on themes that are relevant to their visual language.  Childhood memories, origin, roots, and personal stories turn from concepts to tangible objects that deal with overcoming adversity, second chances, and finding common ground between the internal mind and the external matter.

Rosa Ana Orlando




"There is something very seductive about creating a clean and sophisticated artwork, either from an abandoned material that has aged or deteriorated, or from an everyday object. For me, it is like giving the material a second life, an opportunity to live a different purpose".


Pieces created from stories and written information reveal themselves in close contact with my work, as personal stories held within us become visible only to those closer to us. I’m interested in exploring internal mind vs. external matter in my visual art narrative® work, influenced by writing and interviewing experience at Houston Press, CultureMap, and Houston Business Journal, plus a lifetime love of learning and the written word.


Acceptance and possibility are main themes of my work. Acceptance is represented by the women in my series “NO POINT PRETENDING,” which acknowledges that every woman has doubts and insecurities, and we all struggle in different ways. My series “NOTHING BUT DREAMS” is about possibility. Represented by horses, this collection portrays these majestic creatures as an empowering alter ego that overcomes self-doubt and embraces the possibility of power.




Rosa Ana Orlando is a museum specialist with extensive knowledge of art history.  She has more than 10 years’ experience in art collection management, as well as a strong background in exhibition planning and design.  She has taught art appreciation at college level and has been a docent at a variety of museums including art, history, and children’s museums.  Rosa Ana is an engineer with a Master of Liberal Arts, and a Master of Arts in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University.  
As an independent art curator and consultant, Rosa Ana has lead several curatorial projects, a variety of art education programs, and mentoring.  Her attention to detail, enthusiasm, and passion about the transformative power of art are reflected in all of her projects.  
Rosa Ana was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela and has lived in the United States since 2003.