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June 12- July 23

An exhibition curated by Rosa Ana Orlando


Chasing Connection

This exhibition explores different interpretations of the humans’ need for connection through the work of Joyce Tipton and Jonathan Paul Jackson. Through very different techniques and materials, these two artists investigate our relationship with others, with our environment, and ultimately with ourselves.

Through her outstanding photographs, Tipton focuses on thoroughly studying the behavior of a variety of bird species. Her keen observations allow her to find not only clues of how birds relate to each other, but also interesting parallels between birds and humans. Tipton also delves into more philosophical and environmental issues such as the impact of modern life on certain species, whole ecosystems, and ultimately on the planet and all its inhabitants.

Multi-media artist Jackson’s investigation includes experimentations with color while researching the different ways that application of paint and color can affect the composition of a piece. Nature plays an essential role in the work of Jackson, not only as an endless source of inspiration, but also as the basis of a more conceptual exploration where he reflects on how the same scene can be subject to a wider variety of interpretations.

Tipton’s colorful and detailed photographs and Jackon’s intriguing mixed-media pieces invite viewers to think about how humans relate to each other, ponder the ways we connect with nature, and review our needs to tune into our inner selves.

Rosa Ana Orlando




Joyce A. Tipton is a photographer, birder, nature enthusiast, and traveler.   Her love of nature reflects a childhood spent in rural Texas and a love for being outdoors. 

“I capture photographic images because it brings me joy. Beauty becomes more tangible when I can return to moments through permanent images. Nature, the big picture and the minute detail, are more alive to me when I'm actively looking for the shot. Colors, angles, and patterns become more meaningful when I seek them with my mind and my eye.”

Photographing birds offers me the challenge of capturing detail and animation in the small, the fast, and the hidden.  It brings me the delight of becoming part of their world. 

As I immerse myself in the lives of cardinals, finches, hawks, and hummingbirds, I reflect on the similarity of their challenges to those of humankind, from interpersonal disputes to the catastrophic impacts of climate change.  There are three billion fewer birds in North America now than in 1970.  One in four birds have disappeared from the landscape due to environmental changes, loss of habitat, and human driven threats.  Birds not only bring us joy and entertainment, they are essential elements of healthy ecosystems.  Birds pollinate plants, spread seed, controls pests, perform clean-up


Jonathan Paul Jackson is an African American Visual Artist from Houston, Texas. He works in all mediums of Art, including Painting, Sculpture and Illustration. 
JPJ explores the historical symbolism of Indigenous people and interprets the imagery found there into his modern style; creating a personal totem by “writing” with their language. He applies the same method of making work to his landscape paintings by using nature to interpret into his own visual language.