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Bilingual:When Art Speaks: Image

Carolina Amat, Sebastian Apaestegui, Priscilla Bianchi, Marina Fernandez,
Holly Josie, Gabriela Monterroso, Sergio Valenzuela

Exhibition Dates: April 13 - May 14, 2024

Opening Reception: Saturday April 13, 6- 9pm

Gallery Hours: Fridays & Saturdays, 1-6pm  

*For private appointments email:

Monterroso Gallery is delighted to introduce its new location within the historic Isabella Court with the debut of "Bilingual: When Art Speaks”,  the gallery's inaugural exhibition. This moment stands as a significant milestone, as we not only introduce our new venue but also proudly launch our residency program, marking a pivotal step in our commitment to fostering emerging talent. 

At the core of this milestone is the presentation of our roster for the upcoming year.  Among our featured artists are creatives who have recently joined our residency program,  a dynamic initiative designed to cultivate community and foster creativity within our new space. These emerging talents will spend the upcoming year refining their craft and developing their artistic voices as they work towards their solo exhibitions. 

In addition to showcasing the work of our residency artists, we are honored to present works by two established artists currently residing and practicing in Guatemala. Their inclusion adds an international dimension to our exhibition, enriching the dialogue and expanding our artistic horizons.

“Bilingual: When Art Speaks" celebrates the deep analogy that being an artist is equivalent to embracing a second language—a mode of communication that transcends conventional linguistic boundaries. For these artists, the language of art is a deliberate choice, driven by passion and dedication. Through their works, we witness the harmonious fusion of their cultural heritage and individual trajectories, illustrating how their innate linguistic roots intertwine with the universal language of artistic expression.

This exhibition serves as a prelude to the personal narratives that each of these seven artists will further explore in their forthcoming solo showcases.  "Bilingual: When Art Speaks" promises a year of innovation, creativity, and insight into the multiple ways in which art enriches our lives and connects us across cultures and languages.

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