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Feb 16 - Mar 18, 2023

The selection of works in this exhibition takes the broad theme of portraiture and addresses the unique ways the artists see others and themselves. Through paint, paper, wood or metal each artist harnesses the innate qualities of their chosen medium and reflects on its capability of bridging the figurative and the conceptual, the traditional and the modern, the found and the fabricated.   Our featured artists visual language is informed by the majesty of the African American Culture offering delightful narratives and ultimately bridging the past and the future 

Azubuike Akunne, Shawn Artis, Rodney Butler, Zsavon Butler, Dominic Clay, Eddie FIler, Cedric Ingram, James Gill, Earl Jones, Christie Leday, Mayowa Nwadike, Romeo Robinson, Lanecia Rouse Tinsley.

Monterroso Gallery 

1824 Spring Street, Houston 77007

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