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July 23 - Aug 12,  2022

Unfinished Legacies: Current Exhibition

Colorful and full of life, Unfinished Legacies showcases two different styles and approaches to painting and drawing the human figure.  The works invoke feeling and emotion through intimate visuals of the human subject. Either by enigmatic portraits of fictitious people or detailed sketches of real people, the artists invite the viewer to project their own journey and raise important questions of this moment in time and the legacies we are leaving behind.

Evoking intimacy in the power to represent oneself in painting, these artists consider the opportunity of seeing and being seen, and ponder  the question of what will we leave our children? Their subjects speak of care, tenderness, fragility, empathy, and resilience, and examine the certainty that our legacy is unfinished and our children’s legacy is just beginning. 

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