EH Ray_StateOfMind(300dpi).jpg

Ellen H. Ray .A solo exhibition


April 1 - 20,  2022


Ellen H Ray is a Houston based artist who explores the ways in which we connect to eachother and the natural world through genetics, consciousness, and shared history.

State of Mind is an exhibition of her work from 2019 - 2022 which focuses on the visualaspects of her daily meditation practice. This collection includes contemplative paintings and drawings that range in palette from soft to vibrant, and includes a small selection from her 365 Days of Tao meditations (Single Thought Sketches) from 2021.

April 10 (Sunday) - 2:00 pm Sound Bowl meditation. We are so pleased to have DanaShamas lead this meditation!

April 23 ( Saturday) - Artist Talk 2:00pm

*Separately, but simultaneously with this exhibition Ray also has an installation titled “The Trees Are Talking" at Tank Space, next door to Monterroso Gallery in the same building.