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September 17 - October 15,  2022

Recorder Of Time -Escribana del Tiempo-: Current Exhibition

Recorder of Time / Escribana del Tiempo explores an expansive and cohesive body of work by Salvadorean-American artist Geraldina Interiano Wise, through which the artist investigates the many and different ways we are integrated with the universe and thus connected with past and future civilizations. Using an archeological approach, the artist examines themes like environmental impact, democratization and demystification of art, space-time continuum, social responsibility, and human migration. Geraldina’s abstract visual language is gestural and corporeal, alluding to the primitive and intuitive need of humans to make art.

Geraldina carefully selects her materials, color palette, and tools to emphasize her investigation. The artist’s use of indigo symbolizes the water of our planet, which is what allows life to exist, and which is present in all of us. It also conveys the integration of all civilizations through this ancient pigment, as indigo has been used by many different civilizations across the world since time immemorial. Additionally, the artist uses indigo as her signature DNA, which she sources from sustainable suppliers from her home country, that use ancient processes developed by the Mayan. Similarly, by using ashes in her pieces, the artist pays homage to the dreams of migrants and to the environment, while also connecting with the spiritual.

Finally, this exhibition also investigates the ways we are influenced by the civilizations that came before us, and the mark we leave in future generations. Inspired by ancient papyrus, Geraldina questions how future generations would perceive us, and what they would learn from our life through the art and artifacts produced in our time. In her work, footprints allow the artist to reflect on the impact that previous civilizations have on us, and also how our footprints will affect future societies. Geraldina, literally and metaphorically, leaves her footprints in her pieces as an exploration of the space-time continuum, and, by doing so, makes us ponder our own role in preserving our planet, as we are not just mere beings on the planet, but we are the planet.

Rosa Ana Orlando Curator

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