Artist Joyce Tipton

Print size 24 x 16 inches


We are Endangered.  The stately Whooping Crane is the tallest bird in North America, one of the most awe-inspiring and one of the rarest.  It reaches five feet in height with a wingspan of 7 feet and in 1941 there were only 23 Whooping Cranes left on the planet.  Unregulated hunting and loss of habitat pushed these glorious white birds with red crowns to the brink of extinction.    Conservation efforts have lead to a limited recovery to a total of about 825 in 2021.  The breeding population winters along the Texas Gulf Coast in and around the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.  Climate change, inadequate river flows, and illegal hunting currently threaten the tenuous survival of this species.  The Cranes are not alone, the biodiversity needed to sustain our planet is maintained only by vast connections.  Everywhere on the planet, species live together and depend on one another. Every living thing, including man, is involved in these complex networks of interdependent relationships.

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