Artist Joyce Tipton

Print size 24 x 16 inches


Sibling Bonds.  The adult Great Horned Owl is a fierce and powerful predator who can take prey larger than itself, but these young owlet siblings are still vulnerable and dependent.  At about eight weeks old, they are still a few weeks from flying, and will depend on their parents for food for several more weeks. They have spent five weeks huddled together in the nest and then took the great adventure together to climb out onto the limb.  Never far apart at this stage, they cuddle and seek comfort in each other.  It makes me think about my own sibling relationships, bonds that can be loving, can be part affection and part irritation, can be filled with great admiration, or rivalry and anger.  Regardless of the directions the relationships take, those bonds influence who we are and, for better or worse, tug at our hearts forever.

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