Artist Joyce Tipton

Print size 20 x 30 inches


Conflict is inevitable in all of our lives, among groups, between individuals. Every connection, Vwhether love or fear, has a potential for disagreement, misunderstanding, rivalry. The long, angular hot pink legs and striking black on white lend an abstract nature to this image, but these two male Black-necked Stilts are on a very tangible mission in this conflict, to establish territory and win over the female. Water droplets were flying and a white neck was tinged with blood from the other’s long, needle-like bill, as I watched this battle continued for hours.

My World... Flying majestically over the calm waters amidst the fresh water marsh, with an air of solitary serenity, this Great Blue Heron appears to own his world. This is the largest heron in North America, long legs, sinuous neck S-shaped in flight, and a dagger-like bill. One of our more fortunate species, the Great Blue population is widespread and on the increase. An example of the complex and necessary connections of the ecosystem, Great Blue Herons have benefited from the recovery of beaver populations, which have created a patchwork of swamps and meadows well-suited to foraging and nesting.


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