11 X 14 PRINT

11 X 14 PRINT


Love of Birds explores the color and texture, lives that are amazing, yet difficult, and expressions that bring a certain human quality to birds. We glimpse into their lives. We see the hunger of migrants who have just crossed thousands of miles in their long journey and arrive

on the first suitable land, exhausted and starving. We see the parallel of birds lives to our own as they court a potential mate, raise a group of demanding children, or attempt to cross boundaries for a better life.


Some of the birds in this installation are residents who do not migrate, others are long distance migrants whose annual journey covers thousands of miles. Tanagers and tiny warblers, weighing less than an ounce can spend hours or days in flight. Arriving on our Texas coast

during spring migration from Mexico, Central, and South America, they are exhausted and ravenously hungry. Little shorebirds such as Sanderlings breed in the tundra of the High Arctic and winter on our Texas coast and beyond, flying up to 6000 miles each way. They are just one of our species with declining numbers.


There are three billion fewer birds in North America now than in 1970. One in four birds have disappeared from the landscape due to environmental changes, loss of habitat, and human driven threats. Birds not only bring us joy and entertainment, they are essential elements of healthy ecosystems. Birds pollinate plants, spread seed, controls pests, perform clean-up duties, and preserve our landscape by maintaining the delicate balance between plant and herbivore, predator and prey. Birds are amazing.