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Priscilla Bianchi, a native of Guatemala, is a versatile artist known for her expertise in textiles, design, and teaching, as well as her authorship. Her distinctive style bridges cultures, intertwining the vibrant hues, intricate patterns, and symbolic motifs of Mayan Guatemalan hand-woven textiles with American quilting techniques. The result is a collection of fresh, original, and contemporary designs deeply rooted in Guatemalan heritage.
Inspired by traditional Mayan textiles and costumes, Priscilla's geometric abstract work showcases her multicultural influences. Her art has gained international acclaim and is showcased in prestigious institutions such as the Museum of Arts & Design in New York City and prominent hotels in Guatemala. Additionally, her pieces grace the collections of private enthusiasts worldwide.
Priscilla's impact extends beyond her artwork; she is sought after as an educator and lecturer on Guatemalan textiles, sharing her knowledge across the globe. Notably, she leads specialized textile tours in her home country and has collaborated with Robert Kaufman to create fabric collections in California.
Her contributions to the field are further recognized through her extensive publications, including three books: "¡Caliente Quilts!" (Krause Publications, 2007), "Guatemalan Textile Art and Design, The Art of Priscilla Bianchi" (Banco Industrial, 2010), and "Priscilla Bianchi, Guatemala Art Quilts" (d´Buk Publishing, 2019). She also contributes articles to various international magazines.
In December 2010, Priscilla was honored with a Postal Stamp Edition by the Guatemalan Postal Service, featuring ten of her art quilts. With a rich and diverse body of work, Priscilla Bianchi continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

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Dive into Priscilla Bianchi's latest book, a captivating exploration of art, design, color, geometry, and textiles. Written with intimacy, it offers insight into her more than 20-year artistic career, filled with learning, experiences, and emotions. Through original contemporary designs, Priscilla invites readers into her world of color, shape, and texture, igniting imagination and nurturing creative spirits.

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Priscilla Bianchi: Guatemala Art Quilts, Deluxe Edition, +150 Full-Color Photos, +120 Original Art Quilts, English and Spanish Texts - (2019)

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