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June 23 - Aug 3,  2022

Oil & Gas - Texas Perspectives: Current Exhibition

Gillian Conoscenti is an artist raised in rural small town Ohio, who attended Tulane University in New Orleans to formally study French and Cell & Molecular Biology, and currently resides in Houston, Texas. Gillian applies the unique combination of the disciplines she studied by juxtaposing the precision of science with the fluidity of romance languages in offering her interpretation of the environment around her through oil on canvas. 

With this exhibition, Oil & Gas: Texas Perspectives, Gillian captures the beauty of an industry so central and vital to our Houston and Texas economy. Whether interpreting images figuratively, depicting workers earning honest wages, through landscape, portraying the industry’s aesthetic along our horizon, or architecturally, digesting the design of integral equipment, Gillian offers a less realistic and more romantic interpretation of emblematic structures within oil and gas.  

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