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December 6, 2023 - February 6, 2024

The premise of my work is based on life in flux.  We don’t view the world with one eye in a still head, but two eyes in a head that moves and, in a body, interacting with its surroundings.  This is our ever-changing world created by light, movement, and time.  Our perceptions of this are abstract representations of the truth – what is real and what is perceived to be. 
In my work I attempt to capture life forms through study and observation, then interpret and compress my visual experience.  It is important to me that my pieces first work formally within the picture plane, and before any lyrical ideas or storylines are addressed.  I build the pieces by recording and translating the subject matter while considering the spatial relationships that exist in the whole environment.  These paintings are essentially figurative embodiments of moments and memories, and often more about how something feels and the energy that exists, as opposed to the look of a photographic representation. I continually highlight the linear passages in my work as it feels more direct and truthful, and creates the sort of building-block where the entire art-process will often be revealed.  
Alberto Giacometti, Marcel Duchamp, and contemporary, Jenny Seville, greatly influence my work.  Their brilliant works show us representations and compressions of life in flux and change.

Compressions: An Ever-Changing View: Exhibitions
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