My artistic concerns explore a means of expressing a reality which takes into account a series of moments over time – a presentation of what is truthful to my perception and interpretation of the dynamic world that surrounds us.  Light and the aesthetic of movement drive these investigations.
In activities and sports, practice and repetition allow for the creation of controlled motion.   I approach my art process similarly, and also use these tools with a great sense of adventure.  I look for the rhythm of forms as they are constant in our ever-changing human experience.  Through these forms and the spaces surrounding them, I work to pull from the fragmentation of memory, and then integrate and compress the transparency of time to suggest a  
visual reality of change and flux. The assimilation of the structural elements and relationships to the whole space is critical to me.  
As a result, the work is typically an embodiment of gestural abstraction and figuration and the drawing/painting process is often seen.  This is the language of my art which takes shape and form in the wide-range of subject matter inhabiting the moments and landscapes in my life, both past and present.