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JUNE 15 -AUGUST 9, 2023

Jeanne Jones works are visual metaphors that invoke themes associated to ephemeral beauty and the fragility of life. Her keen observations of even the most delicate petal are reflected in her dramatic and delicate strokes. From a glimpse of color to a green garden path, her pieces are constructions of delicate twists and turns that mirror our transitory existences and our duty to cherish “the natural world”. 
Jeanne Jones lives and works in Houston, Texas where she creates paintings and ceramic installations, often combining the two to create mixed media works on linen panel, canvas, wood panel and wall installation. In her art practice, Jones’ intent is to express feelings of joy and rejuvenation inherent in the natural world. Jeanne enjoys the freedom of working across media employing her love of mark making, color and pattern which draws from the work of Matisse, Joan Mitchell and Betty Woodman.

The Natural World: Exhibitions
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