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October 9 - November 13, 2021

Galactic Ecology: Current Exhibition

My work underlines a cosmological model of the universe that proposes ‘pure vibration' as the true nature of the manifested world.   This body of work offers an additional dimension by pointing to the night sky with its multiple stars as a metaphorical space where particles and waves meet.

The depth of the night sky offers the intriguing, if not disquieting proposition, of looking at the planet earth and humanity from the ‘galactic center’ redirecting the gaze from the periphery, toward the familiar territory of our self-centered contemporary consciousness.  

Through expansive panoramas, I intend to project the imaginary of an expanded consciousness, in which geocentrism and egocentrism have ceased to be the models for the creative process.   Therefore, the concept of “Galactic Ecology” refers to a holistic understanding of the universe, where the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere.

In this work, the series of large vertical scroll paintings physically commands the attention of the viewer, as well as it emphasizes the connection between sky and earth, demanding from the audience to reposition itself within that scale.    OnThe Series “Initiation Drawings” describes an ‘initiatic’  journey where the cosmic elements and events mirror the soul itinerary.    The predominant use of black and white alludes to the formal rendering of x-rays.   I want the viewer to look through and beyond the physical appearance of reality, into inner systems,  into the inner weaving, and into the fundamental and  structural lattice connecting us with all parts of the universe.

Arielle Masson 

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