Angela Corson, Marina Fernandez, curated by Arielle Masson



The Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston (IHCH)

February 26 - March 16, 2022


In this space one etheric being plays hide and seek amongst the angles, planes, mirrors, and organic bursts.  Angela’s and Marina’s artwork creates a dialogue where Angela’s metal sculptures have captured and solidified Marina’s geometric planes, as the inner structure of white birds.  The warmth of Angela’s ceramic colors respond effectively to Marina’s paintings tonality. This dialogue extends for both artists and it shows their passion and commitment to their chosen media while reflecting the high quality of the work presented. 

We are pleased to present the work of two emerging artists living in Houston and Both artists are members of Latin American Women Artist of Houston, LAWAH.  

Angela Corson’s tridimensional work combines functionality with the pure aesthetics of her chosen sculptural vocabulary.  Her "Family Portrait” series, displays organic designs highlighting on the roundness of the object and the space it occupies,  as seen in her cups of all sizes with elegant small feet.  Her half spheres parade geometric designs with open spaces, that invites us in. 

Marina Fernandez’s paintings further utilize space as she constructs a world with her own authentic geometry, achieving a balance of structural lines, planes, and the ambiguity of transparencies. Her perception is fueled by her education as an engineer and her passion for mathematics. Her “Boundaries” series originates from contemporary art cartography which allows her to reinterpret her environment and create geometric spaces. 

Arielle Masson